Welcome to the Family, Zachary!

Welcome to the Family, Zachary!

Zachary Anthony Talarico

Westmount, Quebec – 30 January 2017: The RMR is happy to announce an addition to the Regimental Family with the recent arrival of Zachary Anthony Talarico.  Born on 28 January 2017 at 23h40. Zachary is a healthy 5lbs 12oz and is the second child of proud father Sergeant Mike Talarico and his wife Amanda Papadopoli.

Zachary will be no stranger to the RMR; as his father Mike, his uncle Nick (Corporal Talarico), and his grandfather Pino (Major Talarico) all proudly wear the RMR cap badge, with close to 50-years of cumulative service between them.
Rumours of Zachary being born clutching a hockey stick have yet to be confirmed, nor has the debate lessened as to the question if he shoots left or right… because let’s face it, with parents like his – he’s gonna play hockey!
The RMR wishes the very best of luck to the new parents!

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