Welcome to the Family, Juliette!

Welcome to the Family, Juliette!

Corporal Duma with Juliette

Westmount, Quebec – 09 January 2017: The RMR is happy to announce an addition to the Regimental Family with the recent arrival of Juliette Duma born on 06 January 2017 at 08h22. Juliette is a healthy 8lbs 14oz and is the first child of proud father Corporal Robert Duma and mother Émilie.

Friend of the Regiment Corporal Greg Biezing offered some wise words to his good friend about raising a child:
“Parenting is easy! It’s just like the infantry; you eat when you can, sleep when you can, and somebody is always going to be yelling at you”! 
The RMR wishes the very best of luck to the new parents!

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