RMR Pays Rent During Westmount Family Day

RMR Pays Rent During Westmount Family Day

Westmount children checking out the RMR’s display (Photo credit: Sgt Iacono)

Westmount, Quebec – 27 May 2017: The Royal Montreal Regiment participated in the Westmount Family Day held at Westmount Park on a sunny Saturday.

Gracious in defeat, LCol Shone concedes victory to a small child in the race. (Photo credit: Sgt Iacono)

Soldiers in combat uniform showed off equipment, rations, vehicles, and even set-up a “low wire entanglement”. Mine tape replaced the barbed wire and the Commanding Officer (CO), Lieutenant-Colonel John Shone, raced children to see who could crawl the fastest through the simulated obstacle.

Later in the day the CO presented the Mayor with the Regiment’s annual rent payment of a dollar in a short ceremony held before the citizens of Westmount.

Fun times had by all!

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