Promotion to Master-Corporal

Westmount, Quebec – 25 September 2015: On a warm Tuesday evening, the RMR gave itself a serious booster shot in terms of leadership with the promotion of 11 new leaders. Five new Master-Corporals and six new Sergeants were promoted by the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Langlais, MSC, CD on Tuesday 15 September 2015.

Corporals promoted to Master-Corporal were Corporals Carroll, David, Sansregret, Schneider, and Tarabanko.


The six new Sergeants receiving direction from the CO

Master-Corporals promoted to Sergeant were Master-Corporals Anctil, Butera, Iaconetti, Nino, Oleshko, and Parnell.

A decidedly pleased RSM!
A decidedly pleased RSM!

The Regimental Sergeant-Major, MWO Cochrane, was probably the happiest soldier on the parade square that evening, as his mess nearly doubled its membership in one fell swoop.  The Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess of the RMR has been a victim of its own success as it continues to produce talented leaders for the officers’ corps.  With the recent promotion of Warrant Officer McNair and this new crop of young Sergeants, the Mess stands ready to continue setting the standard for leadership, discipline, and professionalism.

20 former recruits were welcomed into the Regimental Family, being formerly badged in a ceremony in front of their families by the Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel.

Honorary Lieutentant-Colonel Robinson badging a new RMR soldier

Starting with a recruit on the sidelines due to a leg he broke on the last day of his Infantry course, each soldier had their generic Canadian Armed Forces badge removed and slipped into their pockets as a souvenir of life as a recruit, and their berets were subsequently adorned with the cap badge of The Royal Montreal Regiment. You can read a detailed history of the RMR’s vaunted badge here.

Needless to say, morale was high that evening as the sound of the bells being rung continued throughout the evening!

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