Westmount, 06 July 2014 – The “RMR Summer Racing Party” held at the exclusive party room in Chateau St-Ambroise was a smashing success on Saturday night!  Onsite was the original Ferrari driven by Gilles Villeneuve when he won the 1978 F1 Grand Prix in Montreal, as well as a host of other racing cars including one of Jacques Villeneuve’s, and Gilles own Mustang (his personal vehicle), and a sports car owned by Neil Armstrong (the first man to step onto the moon).  And those were just the most notable ones!

The more than one hundred RMR Summer Racing Party fans in attendance were in for a special treat when none other than Joanna Villeneuve made an appearance.  She chatted with people, signed posters of Gilles’ car, and graciously accepted an RMR plaque as a token of appreciation from the RMR Association.  Joanna was introduced by Anne Roy, the Municipal Quality Service Manager for the Town of Hampstead who is the person who arranged for the RMR Association to be able to have Gilles’ 1978 Ferarri on display for the evening.

What some people may not realize is that the RMR Association (Branch 14) has been quietly fundraising for the RMR’s Centennial fund for the past four years.  This weekend’s fundraising party brings the TOTAL that they have raised and donated to the RMR Foundation to over $20,000 – wow!  These funds will be used to help subsidize the tickets to the Gala ball for RMR serving soldiers and veterans, as well as contribute to the writing of the Centennial history book, and to the museum expansion project.

Bravo to Comrade Mike Fitzgerald for his continued leadership of the RMR Association, and a very special thanks to Comrade Sue Guerin for putting the party together – we can’t wait for the next one!



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