"Regiments on the Ridge" Vimy exhibit announced for April 2017

"Regiments on the Ridge" Vimy exhibit announced for April 2017

Left: Victorious Canadian soldiers at Vimy in 1917. Right: RMR soldiers visiting Vimy in 2014

Westmount, Quebec – 28 January 2017: The battle of Vimy Ridge was a defining moment for Canada. In April 1917, the Canadian Corps, fighting for the first time as a Canadian entity, attacked the ridge which spanned seven kilometers and was heavily fortified by the Germans. The French and British had previously attempted to take the ridge but failed with massive casualties – but the Canadians were successful and forced a major German retreat. Their victory came at great cost: 3,598 Canadians were killed and more than 7,000 wounded. Amongst these men were 98 RMR soldiers dead and 176 wounded – close to a 50% casualty rate for the Regiment. Despite the cost, Canada demonstrated superior military skill and success on a world stage, and Vimy was the first of a series of victories to follow (Hill 70, Passchendaele, Amiens, DQ line, etc.) during the rest of the war.  The success of the Canadians that began in force at Vimy earned the young Dominion a place at the table for the subsequent treaty of Versailles ending the war.

To commemorate the brave Canadian soldiers who fought so successfully 100 years ago to take Vimy Ridge, the RMR Museum will be hosting a free bilingual educational event at Victoria Hall in Westmount on April 3rd, 4th and 6th 2017.

For three days we will be presenting the National Film Board of Canada’s documentary film “The Battle of Vimy Ridge”, narrated by Paul Gross. Two screenings per day are reserved for schools and two screenings for the general public (one screening English and one in French for each). School visits will receive a guided tour of the exhibit and take-home materials for each student.

The RMR Museum will be on site displaying World War I and Vimy artifacts including equipment, letters, photos, weapons, medals and pictures from its collection. Showtimes:  

  • 10h00-11h30 (reserved for school visit) – ENGLISH
  • 13h00-14h30 (reserved for school visit) – FRENCH
  • 16h00-17h30 (public) – FRENCH
  • 19h30-21h00 (public) – ENGLISH

To book a showtime, or for any other inquires such as a tour of the RMR Museum’s collection, please contact GWEC@royalmontrealregiment.com


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