Promotions to Sergeant at the RMR

Promotions to Sergeant at the RMR

Westmount, Quebec – 25 October 2016: At the CO’s parade held on 11 September 2016, LCol Denis promoted two new Sergeants which is the second year in a row that the Regiment has continued to show such growth for the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess (there were six new Sergeants promoted in September 2015).

L->R: LCol Denis, newly promoted Sgt, CWO Cochrane (Photo credit: Corporal Yeung, RMR)

This crucial leadership group had been in decline for a long time as the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess of the RMR has been a victim of its own success as it continued to produce talented leaders for the officers’ corps.  With the addition of these two  young Sergeants, the Mess stands ready to continue setting the standard for leadership, discipline, and professionalism.

L->R: CO, LCol Denis, Sgt Jasmin and RSM, CWO Cochrane (Photo credit Corporal Yeung, RMR)

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