Michel Riendeau,
Michel Riendeau,

THE RIENDEAU REWARD (RMR HOCKEY TEAM MVP) is presented annually at the Church Parade to the soldier deemed to have been the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the RMR’s ball hockey team.  Voted on by the members of the team, the selection criteria include: teamwork, skills, attendance, fitness, and overall impact made for the team. The soldier’s peers must consider him/her to have significantly contributed to the team.

The trophy was donated by a former RMR Corporal Michel Riendeau to formally recognize the MVP each year, and to extend a greater exposure of the RMR hockey team to the rest of the serving battalion and extended Regimental Family.  Corporal Riendeau himself played on the team and was considered a fierce competitor who gave his all.

Corporal Inthachit receives the "Riendeau Reward" from the CO, LCol Paul Langlais, MSC, CD - 03 May 2015
Corporal Inthachit receives the “Riendeau Reward” from the CO, LCol Paul Langlais, MSC, CD – 03 May 2015

In 2015 the trophy was awarded to Corporal Pakasith Inthachit, who serves as a Rifleman in “A” company. He joined the RMR in February 2012 and has subsequently qualified for Basic Winter Warfare as well as on the Platoon Support Weapons.

He lists his coolest experiences while serving with the Regiment so far to include flying in the back of a CC-130 Hercules as well as a Griffon helicopter – but also participating in formal parades. He reflects that probably his favourite memory of service is Parading through the streets of Montreal. There is a great sense of pride by doing so.”  The thing he enjoys the most about being in the Infantry is that it is a physically active job.

Born and raised in Pierrefonds, Corporal Inthachit is studying social sciences in civilian life.  His comments on being awarded the Riendeau Reward for being recognized as the most valuable player on the Regiment’s hockey team were I was surprised because there are many players who did better than me throughout the season. I also felt happy!

His advice to other soldiers who might want to win the same trophy in the future is to Always give your 100%, have a desire to win every battle and every match match, and never give up.

Congratulations to Corporal Inthachit, he deserves his trophy – hopefully he will help lead the RMR hockey team to winning a third banner in 2016!

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.

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