Price Named as First RSM for RMR

Price Named as First RSM for RMR

04 Sept 1914THIS DAY IN RMR HISTORY – 04 September 1914 – “Promotions amongst the non-commissioned officers took place at the same time as the changes mentioned above [yesterday].  Men who showed ability in the ranks were promoted whenever possible, and maintained in authority when the display of ability continued; when responsibility proved too much for them they were promptly reduced and others given the chance to do better. Typical of the fine spirit animating all ranks in regard to promotion was the action of Regimental Sergeant-Major C.B. Price, an officer of the Victoria Rifles, who had relinquished his commission to accompany the 14th overseas.  Price learned that J. M. Stephenson, a regular soldier with wide experience, was serving in another unit as a sergeant.  Realizing how valuable to the Regiment Stephenson would be as R.S.M., Price relinquished his post and became a colour sergeant to permit Stephenson’s appointment.” [i]

It is to be noted that Colour Sergeant-Major Price was quickly promoted to Company Sergeant-Major  and from that rank was commissioned on the field of battle on May 12, 1915.  He achieved ever increasing rank in the army throughout a long and distinguished career, eventually attaining the rank of Major-General.

[i] R.C. Featherstonhaugh, The Royal Montreal Regiment 14th Battalion C.E.F. 1914-1925, Montreal, The Gazette, Printing Co., Ltd., 1927, pg. 9.


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