THIS DAY IN RMR HISTORY, 30 October 1914 – From the 14th BATTALION (RMR) WAR DIARY:

Friday, October 30, 1914

Camp Salisbury Plain, West Down South

The Battalion War Diarist wrote for this day: “Rain.  Training under difficulties on account of bad weather.”  [1]

MACHINE GUN TRAINING:  “The increased arming of Infantry Battalions with the Lewis Gun and the development of the Vickers or heavy Machine Gun, with a resultant change in tactics, necessitated the creation of the Machine Gun Corps, and the Canadian Machine Gun Corps was specially established to meet the needs of the Canadian Forces in the field.

The personnel were trained at the Canadian Machine Gun Depot which was established at Seaford Camp, where there  was excellent accommodation and suitable country for training in manoeuvres, the latter being a highly necessary consideration.  The same Depot also furnished Instructors for the Infantry, Cavalry and Motor Branches of the Canadian Machine Gun Corps, which, since its creation, has played a most important part in the operation of the Canadian Corps.”  [2]

[1]   War Diary, 14th Canadian Battalion, The Royal Montreal Regiment, Oct. 25, 1914.  Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa,
[2]  Report of the Ministry, Overseas Military Forces of Canada 1918, London, Printed by the Authority of the Ministry, Overseas Military Forces of Canada, pg. 13.


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