Largest Parade Ever Held in Montreal

Largest Parade Ever Held in Montreal

13 Aug 14_ATHIS DAY IN RMR HISTORY – 13 August 1914 – Against ever darkening war clouds over Europe, Canadian Militia units continued to mobilize and parade.  On August 13th 1914, an article in The Gazette, of Montreal, told of a parade of the entire Montreal Garrison to be held the next evening, Friday, August 14th on the Champ de Mars, in downtown Montreal.  The parade was to be reviewed by Col. the Hon. Sam Hughes, Minister of Militia.

It was billed as the largest and most spectacular parade ever to be held in Montreal, not merely because of the numbers involved, but because a large percentage of the men would be making their last formal parade in Montreal before going abroad on foreign service.  [4]

13 Aug 14_B


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