Feeding the Troops

Feeding the Troops

08 Sept 1914_ATHIS DAY IN RMR HISTORY – 08 September 1914 – “On the outbreak of War steps were immediately taken by the Director of Supplies and Transport at Ottawa (Colonel J.L. Biggar) to arrange local food supplies for the men and horses collecting at various points.  On the announcement that the Contingent would mobilize at Valcartier, two non-permanent companies of the C.A.S.C., later increased to four, were ordered there to take charge of the feeding and transport in the camp.  Contracts were made with large dealers in Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, and elsewhere for food supplies – bread, meat, vegetables – and for hay and oats.  The daily ration was ample and of good quality.  Cooking was done on camp ranges set under corrugated iron roofs in the lines.” [2]

08 Sept 1914_B


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