Battle for Leopold Canal: 70 Years Later

Battle for Leopold Canal: 70 Years Later

Flamethrower CanalWestmount, 06 October 2014 – Today is the 70th anniversary of the Battle for Leopold Canal, one of the Regiment’s principal battle honours won in the Second World War.  Maj Robert Schwob, Officer Commanding “A” Coy RMR, distinguished himself by earning the Military Cross at the storming of the Leopold Canal on October 6th 1944.

This officer of the Royal Montreal Regiment Company attached to the Regina Rifle Regiment was in command of the assault company which was to form a bridgehead … across the Leopold Canal near Maldeghem, Belgium. At 0630 hours the attack started.

A presentation detailing the action can be read here.

Thanks to former CO of the RMR (1999-2002), Colonel G. Petrolekas, MSM, CD. for providing the presentation


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