Afghan Memorial Vigil on Display in Montreal: 17 -21 June 2014

Afghan Memorial Vigil on Display in Montreal: 17 -21 June 2014

Aghan MemorialWestmount, 16 June 104 – The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces are marking more than 12 years of service in Afghanistan. Throughout the 12 year engagement The Royal Montreal Regiment sent 49 soldiers on 59 deployments (some soldiers deployed more than once) to Afghanistan from 2005 until 2014.

One of the ways the DND/CAF are commemorating the service of Canadian personnel is through an Afghanistan Memorial Vigil. The Vigil commemorates 158 CAF personnel, a Canadian diplomat, a DND contractor, a Canadian journalist who was embedded with the CAF and more than 40 United States Armed Forces members who were under Canadian command during operations in Afghanistan.

The plaques were formerly part of the Kandahar Air Field cenotaph. The cenotaph was a memorial structure for Canadian soldiers to commemorate their fallen comrades while deployed in Afghanistan. The rest of the cenotaph is housed in a warehouse in Ottawa awaiting decision for a permanent home.

The Afghanistan Memorial Vigil remembers and honours those who have fallen in Afghanistan. It also acknowledges the bravery, dedication, valour and professionalism of all members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have served in Afghanistan and supported the mission.

The Memorial Vigil will be located at Montreal City Hall from the 17-21 June. The RMR’s own Afghan veteran, Corporal Lescarbeau, on site throughout the duration of the week to answer questions regarding the conflict and the RMR’s participation in the 12 year engagement.



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