Workshop: Versailles Conference Reenactment


In this reenactment activity, participants are invited to take on the role of a head-of-state at the Versailles Conference to defend their country’s best interests.

With the help of a character booklet, participants will prepare for this pivotal encounter and try to negotiate international compromises beneficial to their situation.

90 min
16 years +
To be discussed


Interpret a social reality with the help of the historical methodology

Suggested Subject

History of the 20th century, Contemporary World as well as Cegep courses.

 This activity is also available outside
of the educational program

10 individuals minimum

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Versailles Conference Reenactment

After four years of harsh fighting, the victorious powers come together to negotiate the peace treaty that was supposed to end the last war.

Horrified at the tremendous losses sustained by every party, heads-of-state meet in order to shape what the ultimate peace treaty, the last one the world will ever need, will look like.

Everyone wants to make peace, but they are also there to make sure that their brave citizens didn’t die for nothing and that their future on the global scene is secure.