Canal du Nord

September 27th, 1918 to October 1st, 1918

The Canadians proved themselves. All of the sacrifices and losses previously made came down to this. The last hundred days, or rather, the Hundred Days Offensive, saw a Canadian led offensive, steamrolling over German-occupied positions. Canal-Du-Nord served as a strategic victory for the Allies, as it would destroy the Germans western flank, leaving them vulnerable to total defeat.

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Canal-Du-Nord is located in Northern France. It is a canal that would allow the Allies to go from Arras to Cambrai. It was vital that the Canadian got to Cambrai and took the town, as this served as the final objectives in establishing complete dominance on the German western flank.

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Once the Canadians crossed the Canal-Du-Nord, the Germans commenced a full-scale retreat. The Canadians secured the German western flank, their daringness and courage paying off in the end.


Over 30,000 Canadian troops lost their lives from Arras-Cambrai, in what is renowned as one of history’s most daring offensives ever.